Managing the merit and bonus process is one of the biggest challenges you face as a compensation professional.

Do you spend more time worrying about the mechanics of the merit/bonus process than on making sure that pay programs are optimized to support your organization’s overall strategy and mission?

Charlton Consulting Group’s compensation management platform allows compensation professionals to focus more on substance and less on mechanics. The platform is fully customizable, allowing employers to quickly adapt the system to specific circumstances.

Our platform provides:

  • Manageable and centralized data sharing – No more exchanging spreadsheets between managers and executives

  • Highly efficient workflows – Customized for your organization’s hierarchy, reviews and approvals work seamlessly

  • Salary and performance review history – Historical information to assist managers in their decision making process

  • Support for multiple currencies

  • Robust reporting and communications features Quickly and easily generate reports, as well as personalized communications to employees

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